Cameo OPUS® SP5+, Profile Moving Head

Profile Moving Head

  • Efficient Profile Moving Head with an improved LED engine offering higher lumen output
  • CMY colour mixing system with linear CTO correction from 6,500 – 2,600 K for authentic tungsten emulation
  • High-quality optics with a 130 mm front lens and an extra wide 6° – 42° zoom range
  • Even and flat projection field without hot spots at any zoom angle
  • 4-blade framing system with +/- 45° rotation, with angle and position of each shutter blade individually controllable up to full blackout
  • Framing shutter module replaceable with Animation wheel module (available as an accessory)
  • Rotating gobo wheel with 7 replaceable indexable glass gobos + open
  • Static gobo wheel with 8 replaceable glass gobos + open
  • Rotatable and indexable 3-facet circular prism plus 6-facet linear prism
  • Flexible control via built-in W-DMX™ Transceiver, DMX, RDM, Art-Net, or sACN.



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  • Product type:  LED Moving Lights
  • Type:  Profile Spot
  • Colour spectrum:  Cold white
  • Number of LEDs:  1
  • Color temperature:  2600 – 6500 K
  • LED type:  500 W
  • Refresh rate:  adjustable to 25000 Hz
  • Dispersion:  6 – 42 °
  • DMX input:  XLR 3-pin male, XLR 5-pin male
  • DMX output:  XLR 3-pin female, XLR 5-pin female
  • DMX mode:  34-channel, 50-channel
  • DMX Functions:  Animation Wheel, Auto Movement, Colour wheel, CTO, CTO Fine, Cyan, Cyan Fine, Device Settings, Dimmer, Dimmer Fine, Focus, Focus Fine, Framing Blade Rotation, Framing Blades, Frost, Gobo Wheel 1, Gobo Wheel 2, Iris, Magenta, Magenta Fine, PAN, Pan/Tilt fine, Prism, Rotation Fine Gobo Wheel 1, Rotation Gobo Wheel, Rotation Prism, Set Dimmer Curve, strobe, TILT, Yellow, Yellow Fine, Zoom, Zoom Fine
  • PAN movement:  540°
  • TILT movement:   270°
  • High Speed Strobe:  > 20 Hz
  • Standalone modes:  Auto Mode, Device Settings, Static
  • Controls:  Enter, Mode, Value Down, Value Up
  • Indicators:  Graphic Display, Touch-Graphic Display
  • Operating voltage:  100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption:  800 W
  • Ambient temperature (in operation):  -15 – 45 °C
  • Power connector:  TRUE1 Compatible Power I/O Socket
  • Housing material:  ABS plastic, Metal
  • Cabinet colour:  Black
  • Protection class:  IP20
  • Cooling:  Heat-pipe cooling system with temperature controlled fans
  • Width:  380 mm
  • Height:  710 mm
  • Depth:  250 mm
  • Weight:  27,8 kg
  • Accessories (included):  2 x Omega Clamp, Power cord


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